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We have possibly the largest number of pre-used compressors to be found at one location in the UK.

There are many sites on the web that do not have or do not own the compressors they are offering. If a compressor is on our stock list it exists and we own it.

Although the majority of our customers are other compressor companies, we are happy to do business with anyone, in any part of the world and we would like to do business with YOU.

We deal in:
All makes (obligated to none)
All types (screw, vane, reciprocating etc.)
All volumes (up to 60 cubic meters per minute)
All pressures (up to 400 bar)

We deal mainly in air compressors but often have compressors for other gases such as Helium and CNG.

We are a family owned and run company that has been dealing in compressors for 12 years

Our background and experience is in trading, not the service or repair of compressors, therefore we prefer to sell our compressors ‘as is’ but will supply (to an agreed standard) checked, serviced or rebuilt compressors if requested.

We also keep a stock of Diesel Generators and have load bank facilities up to 500 kW.

If we donít have what you need in stock, please email us your requirements and we will endeavour to find it .

We have always believed that it is easier to keep
an existing customer than it is to find a new one,
therefore it is most important to us that you are
satisfied with what you buy.

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